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Does your rotor look like this?

C.A.T.S. can help. Even rotors looking as bad as the one shown above can be reconditioned to look and work as if they were new out of the box. (see below)           

Every rotor we recondition goes through an extensive overhauling process.

Degreasing: The rotor is fully disassembled and completely degreased.
A full inspection is performed to determine what parts need to be replaced.
The bearing races are then buffed to the bare metal.
Sandblasting: Corroded housings and external castings are sandblasted and/or buffed to bare metal.
Painting: Optional : If requested, fresh commercial-grade paint is applied to the housings.
The rotor is then rebuilt with new parts as needed (if available).
Regreasing: New grease is applied to the bearing races and gears.
Finishing Touches:
The housings are put back on and a complete inspection and final testing is performed once again before the rotor leaves the shop.

Or would you prefer this instead ?


Rotor Reconditioning

Labor charge $124.00 *

Price does not include parts or shipping

*but DOES cover complete overhaul back to factory specs

We also offer repair service for controls.


** NOTE ** 

**Service is currently LIMITED since most parts have not been available in quantity from MFJ.**

Customer is responsible for obtaining parts from them after we provide the details of which ones are needed.

75 Pleasant Church Rd

Mt. Sherman, KY 42764

email : cats@amplex.net

Open random times & by request
Closed Weekends & Holidays

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